Payment option for customers in Sweden


You can pay by Swish in checkout page.for pay by Swish follow below steps :

  1. Write your Swish number in phone field
  2. Press Place order button
  3. Open your Swish app
  4. The amount will be displayed in your Swish app with the name of Viatech AB
  5. Check amount and approve the payment by signing with your Bank-ID

2. Klarna 

Yon can pay by klarna. klarna provide two option for your payment. You can pay by  Bank account or your master or visa card.

For Bank account Payment choose the  Bank account option in Klarna then bush place order button.the following page will appear in your screen for your information in Klarna if your first time otherwise the bank screen will show up.

2. The second option is you pay by your credit or debit card  in klarna field.


Klarnas Checkout (Payment Service) presents certain information to the Customer as soon as the Customer is identified. What information the Customer needs to provide to achieve identification may vary between different purchases and customers. No credit information is ever taken directly from Klarna Betaltjänst, but if necessary depending on which payment alternative the Customer has chosen. Credit information taken by Klarna does not affect the Customer’s creditworthiness and cannot be seen by others who request credit information about the Customer, such as banks. After the Customer has been identified, Klarna payment service shows which options are available to you as a Customer. Invoice is the default payment option, but the Customer can of course freely choose one of the other options, such as direct payment via bank or payment by card. The options offered to the Customer may vary from time to time.

The invoices are sent out via email in connection with the order being sent from the Website. The invoice has a due date of 14 days. Receipt of your payment is sent in the package and serves as proof of purchase (receipt).

By entering or requesting information in Klarna Payment Service, you accept these Terms and Klarna Payment Service Terms and Klarna’s use of Customer’s personal data in accordance with the Klarna Payment Service Terms, see the following link: Klarna’s Terms.

For more information about Klarna Payment Service, please use the following contact information: telephone 08-120 120 10,  [email protected]  or on  Klarna’s website . When contacting Klarna, the social security number and customer number are used.

Payment option for EU customers

Eu customers can purchase by Mastercard or Visacard  in